Editorial and Production Teams

Editorial Team

Kindred Grey, Design Specialist
University Libraries, Virginia Tech
Kindred Grey is a Senior undergraduate student at Virginia Tech graduating in late 2020 with a B.S. in Statistics and Psychology. Apart from her studies, she enjoys graphic design and color theory. Kindred’s creative abilities are demonstrated in the visual elements of the book: cover art, interior color palette selection, and creation of new and adapted figures. She designed with color contract (and accessibility) in mind and also wrote the alternative-text for each figure used in the book. She was instrumental in maintaining methods for tracking and updating the over two hundred and fifty figures and tables which were reviewed, revised, or replaced through the course of the project. Kindred’s contributions have resulted in a text that is accessible to a wider range of readers, uses visual content to illustrate and more clearly convey conceptual information, and which is more lucid, visually cohesive — and beautiful.

Kathleen (Katie) Manning, Research and Editorial Assistant
Pamplin College of Business and University Libraries, Virginia Tech
Kathleen Manning is a recent graduate of the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech where she majored in Accounting and Information Systems. She started her professional career at Deloitte in Fall 2020 in their Risk and Financial Advisory practice. Having recently completed Virginia Tech’s capstone course in Strategic Management, Katie served as a student reviewer of the text, and became an indispensable part of both content development and editorial processes. She identified significant areas for improvement in content and provided context to greatly improve relevancy of the text for today’s students. In addition to identifying numerous short videos, case studies, and examples of recognizable brands and companies, she also completed the painstaking process of transferring newly drafted text from a collaborative writing environment into the Pressbooks publishing software, and followed through with the detailed work of formatting, editing, collaborating on image selection, and proofreading. Kathleen’s contributions have made the text much more usable and relatable for today’s students.

Anita Walz, Managing Editor
University Libraries, Virginia Tech
Anita Walz is associate professor, and assistant director of open education and scholarly communication librarian in the University Libraries at Virginia Tech. She received her M.S. in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and has worked in university, government, school, and international libraries for eighteen years. She is the founder of the Open Education Initiative at Virginia Tech and the managing editor of several open textbooks adapted or created at Virginia Tech, including Fundamentals of Business, Virginia Tech’s first open textbook and first open textbook partnership with the Pamplin College of Business. Her work appears in Open: The Philosophy and Practices that are Revolutionizing Education and Science, OER: A Field Guide for Academic Librarians, The Evolution of Affordable Content Efforts in the Higher Education Environment, and other scholarly books, journals, and reports. She enjoys design and management of collaborative, productive, project-based experiential learning opportunities involving instructors and students. Ms. Walz worked closely with the Chief Contributor, editorial and production teams. She provided overall and day-by-day project coordination, planning, guidance, and oversight.

Production Team

Grace Baggett, Copyeditor
University Libraries, Virginia Tech

Robert Browder, Digital Publishing Specialist
University Libraries, Virginia Tech

Lauren Holt, Copyeditor
University Libraries, Virginia Tech


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