List of Abbreviations

  • ADS—annual debt service
  • BCR—benefit-cost ratio
  • BRE—Building Research Establishment (United Kingdom)
  • BREEAM—Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method
  • BTCF—before-tax cash flow
  • CAA—Clean Air Act
  • CAPEX—capital expenditures
  • CDP—Carbon Disclosure Project
  • CSA—community supported agriculture
  • CSP—Certified Sustainable Property
  • CSR—Corporate Social Responsibility
  • DOE—US Department of Energy
  • EGI—effective gross income
  • EPA—United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • EPP—environmentally preferable purchasing
  • ESG—environmental, social, and governance
  • GHG—greenhouse gas
  • GRESB—Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark
  • HVAC—heating, ventilation, and air condition [system]
  • IAQ—indoor air quality
  • IEQ—indoor environmental quality
  • IPM—integrated pest management
  • IREM—Institute of Real Estate Management
  • LED—light emitting diode [lightbulbs]
  • LEED—Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
  • LEED BD+C—LEED for Building Design and Construction
  • LEED O+M—LEED for Operations and Maintenance
  • NOI—net operating income
  • NPV—net present value
  • OPEX—operating expenses
  • PV—photovoltaic [arrays and devices]
  • REC—renewable energy certificate
  • REIT—real estate investment trust
  • RFP—request for proposal
  • RICS—Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
  • SBS—sick building syndrome
  • SDG—United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals
  • TRUE—Total Resource Use and Efficiency
  • USGBC—U.S. Green Building Council
  • VOC—volatile organic compounds
  • WHO—World Health Organization


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