Goals for this Book

This textbook aims to link sustainability to real estate and property management—both of which are inherently placed-based disciplines. It provides students with a holistic perspective that looks at how sustainable property management across property types contributes to human and ecological health while also considering financial impact. It aims to equip future property management leaders with both a holistic perspective on sustainable property management and knowledge to recommend specific strategies that make buildings more sustainable at both an asset level and company level.

About this Book

This textbook begins with an introduction to sustainable property management and discusses why a broader and measurable perspective is important to sustainable property management. Specific sustainable practices are then put forward for the maintenance and repair, risk management, marketing and leasing, and accounting and finance functions. The book concludes with health and well-being considerations for sustainable property management. There are chapter discussion questions and activities to aid students in processing and applying the information in each chapter.

Target Audience

This textbook is intended for university students majoring in property management and real estate at both undergraduate and graduate levels. It can be incorporated into an existing property management operations course or used for a stand-alone course focused on sustainable property management. Students who take this class will have a variety of backgrounds, including students who have never taken a property management or real estate course. It is available online for free in multiple formats and also as an affordable print edition.

Features of this Book

  • Example-rich narrative
  • Graphic elements that illustrate and reinforce concepts
  • Linked online glossary (glossary appears at the end in PDF and print)
  • Section-level videos
  • Linked end-of-section references for additional reading
  • Embedded navigation and image alt-text for screen readers
  • Available free online, in PDF, and ePub; print is available at the vendor cost of production
  • Adaptation and sharing permitted via the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license
  • Instructor community portal enables sharing of ancillary resources
  • Register Your Use form allows instructors to opt in to receive book updates
  • Errata and Report-an-error/Share-a-suggestion forms promote currency

The short introductions at the start of each chapter give students a brief overview of the chapter and its content. Illustrations and examples throughout the chapters foster deeper learning for students. Major terms that students need to know are hyperlinked with definitions. These terms and definitions are also provided in a glossary at the end of the book.


The hope for this textbook is that it enables a broader range of students (e.g., those with challenging financial situations) to have an equal opportunity in property management courses, as this is a textbook at no cost to students.

Also, it is hoped that this resource helps instructors at colleges and universities equip future property managers by introducing them to essential concepts regarding sustainable property management operations.


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