15. Quality Control: Review by Teacher/School Librarian/Administrator | Readings

Julee P. Farley

Are the resources created for teachers actually usable and helpful? This section suggests methods for quickly obtaining objective feedback from teachers regarding the usefulness of the resources you created.

Learning Objectives

Learners should be able to:


  1. Request feedback from your PreK-12 collaborator.
  2.  Submit feedback received with a one paragraph reflection.

Sample Text for Inviting Review by Teacher/School Librarian/Administrator

Dear <<NAME>>,

I am asking for your feedback regarding the educational resource I have created on <<TOPIC>>. I would use your feedback to help improve my educational resource, such as increased alignment with standards or increased usability in the classroom.

If you are able to review my resource, I have attached a rubric to help guide your review. I would encourage you to spend no more than 30 minutes reviewing although you may spend up to an hour if you wish to review more thoroughly. I would need your feedback by <<DATE>>.

Please let me know if you have any questions and if you are able to assist me with reviewing this resource. If you are unable to review this resource, could you please suggest a colleague who may be able to review it? Thank you for your time and assistance.



Link to your version of the downloadable “Ch15 Quality Control Review Teacher/Administrator” rubric[2]

Questions for Reviewers

Please respond to the questions below. The answers to these questions will guide improvement for the resource you are reviewing.

Question Yes No
Is the resource sufficiently clear and organized? Yes No
Is this resource sufficiently aligned with standards/what you are teaching in your classroom? Yes No
Does the resource use language and visuals that relate to the topic and are easily understood by the intended audience? Yes No
Will this resource be engaging and interesting for your students? Yes No
Can you use this resource in the time allotted? Yes No
Are all the materials listed and available to you in a format you can adapt? Yes No
Are you considering using or adapting this resource for your classroom? Why or why not? Yes, explain No, explain

Figure 15.1: Guided questions

If you have any other questions or comments about this resource, please write them here.

Optional Questions for Reviewers

These questions may not apply to all resources; however, these questions can help to guide improvement of many resources.

  1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this resource? What are your suggestions for improvement?
  2. Does the resource have appropriate sound and image quality? Is the communication engaging and confident?
  3. Does this resource represent diverse social and personal identities, including race, ethnicity, gender identity, gender expression, (dis)ability, etc.?
  4. How does this resource fit into the “big picture” of your classroom or district? Is there anything that is important to your students/classroom/district that this resource could help cover with some small tweaking?

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