14. Quality Control: Checklists to Self-Assess Resources Created | Readings

Anita R. Walz and Julee P. Farley

Various resource assessment tools already exist. These can be helpful for creators and others in assessing characteristics of resources and identifying helpful elements which may be missing. The assignment in this section encourages customization of checklist resources to fit particular audiences.

Learning Objectives

Learners should be able to:

  • Become familiar with OER assessment tools relevant to PreK-12.
  • Review, customize, and use checklists to enable creators to self-assess the OER created or adapted through your collaboration.


  • Review the additional resources listed below.
  • Download and customize the “Contributor Checklist[1] for your project.
  • Create your own version of the contributor checklist, including changes relevant to your project.
  • Document changes you make to your version of the contributor checklist and indicate why you made these changes.
  • Reflect and, if relevant, implement alternate formats and/or ways of presenting this information for self-assessment outcomes.
  • Apply the checklist to your or another’s learning resource.
  • Reflect on common oversights and what you might emphasize (or plan to emphasize in your next project) to avoid these oversights.

Resources and Additional Reading

Customizable Contributor Checklist http://hdl.handle.net/10919/105384

Achieve OER Rubrics https://www.achieve.org/publications/achieve-oer-rubrics

EQuIP rubrics for lessons and units (CCSS or NGSS aligned) https://www.achieve.org/our-initiatives/equip/all-equip-resources/rubrics-and-feedback-forms

  1. Contributor checklist (CENI ICAT). (2021) Boundary Spanners. VTechWorks. http://hdl.handle.net/10919/105384


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