How to Use this Book

What is this book?

This is the training handbook for Virginia Cooperative Extension’s advanced Master Gardener Tree Steward training. While this handbook is meant to help Extension Master Gardeners during their training as tree stewards, it is also a useful reference book for anyone interested in trees!

What is the Extension Master Gardener program and what is tree steward training?

Extension Master Gardeners (EMG) are trained volunteer educators who bring the resources of land-grant universities to the people of Virginia. Virginia’s EMG program consists of more than 4,000 volunteers who annually contribute 400,000+ hours of volunteer service related to home horticulture in Virginia. Volunteers receive more than 30 hours of training through their local Virginia Cooperative Extension office and serve their communities through projects like school and community gardens, horticulture help desks, and educational programs. You can learn more about the Extension Master Gardener Program here.

EMGs can also choose to receive additional training in one of three advanced program areas: trees, water, or land care. This handbook guides EMG volunteers seeking certification as an Advanced EMG Tree Steward. Tree Steward training programs can be offered through a local Extension office if there is sufficient local interest.

How do I print this book?

If you would like to print a copy of this book, downloadable PDFs are available at:

In addition to printing the PDF of this handbook, we also recommend you print the following Extension publications and insert them as appropriate into the handbook:

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