Preface to the Second Edition

In general, this second edition incorporates numerous changes and additions to every chapter of the first edition based on three years of the book’s use as a classroom text since the publication of the first edition in 1998. Most of these changes are minor and are in response to student questions and comments. Numerous additional examples have been included to illustrate points that needed clarification.

More specifically, the material on reports of physical site conditions has been shifted from its previous location in Chapter 4 to a more appropriate place in Chapter 5 on contract “red flag” clauses. Chapter 18, on allocating responsibility for delays, has been extensively revised and expanded with new material and illustrations. Finally, a new Chapter 22 on the important subject of construction contract claims has been included before the final chapter in the book on dispute resolution, which now appears as Chapter 23.

The response from university faculty who use the book has been encouraging and my sincere thanks are due to them for the helpful comments I have received. I would also like to thank the reviewers of this second edition, who include David Bilbo, Texas A&M University; Dianne H. Kay, Southern Illinois University; and John Wiggins, New Jersey Institute of Technology. Finally, I remain grateful to Ed Francis, Executive Editor at Prentice Hall, for his continued encouragement and support; to the entire Prentice Hall editorial staff; and especially to my students at California State University, Chico, who have been immensely helpful in revising this second edition.

Stuart H. Bartholomew
Chico, California
March 2001


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