Editorial Team

PPER. Volume 1.


Editor in Chief: Nik Filip (PPE Student Ambassador).


Submissions Editor: Colleen Malley (PPE Student Ambassador).


Marketing and Social Media Manager: Colleen Malley (PPE Student Ambassador).


Peer Review Editors: Nik Filip (PPE Student Ambassador), Anshu Pokharel (PPE Student Ambassador), Grace Robinson (PPE Student Ambassador), Megan Schaefer (PPE Student Ambassador), Ashlynn Whitehurst (PPE Student Ambassador).


Editorial Board: Editor in Chief, Peer Review Editors, and PPE Core Faculty members Gil Hersch (Journal Faculty Advisor), Melinda Miller, Fabian Wendt, and Michael Moehler (Director, Kellogg Center).


Editorial Advisory Board: Lillian Frost (Political Science), Nicholas Goedert (Political Science, PPE Affiliated Faculty).


Virginia Tech Publishing: Peter Potter (Director, Publishing), Caitlin Bean (Publishing Services Specialist), Robert Browder (Publishing Services Specialist).


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