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1Four Levels of MeasurementFill in the Blanks
2Data Type IdentificationDrag Text
3Example 1.9Accordion
4Name data sets that are quantitative discrete, quantitative continuous, and qualitative (soup)Accordion
5Identifying population, sample, experimental units, explanatory variable, response variable, and treatments.Drag Text
6Smell & Taste Treatment and Research FoundationAccordion
7Birth order and randomized experimentsAccordion
8Driving while sleep deprivedDrag Text
9Integrity in graphingAccordion
10Airline complaintsAccordion
11Design an experimentAccordion
12Tuition paidDrag Text
13Sampling IDDrag Text
14High school samplingAccordion
15ABC College (1)Multiple Choice
16ABC College (2)Multiple Choice
17ABC College (3)Multiple Choice
18x per weekMultiple Choice
19Local park (1)Multiple Choice
20Local park (2)Multiple Choice
1 2 3 11