H5P activities list

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ID Title Activity type Show/Hide
21Park (3)Multiple Choice
22Spending on school suppliesDrag Text
23average cumulative GPA’s of students who graduated last yearDrag Text
24DummiesDrag Text
25Medical malpracticeDrag Text
26Soccer player heightsAccordion
27Heights of soccer playersDrag Text
28Heights of soccer players (2)Fill in the Blanks
29Soccer heights (3)Accordion
31Commuting distanceAccordion
32Commuting (2)Accordion
33Pharma treatmentDrag Text
34Stem plot 1Accordion
35Ages of U.S. presidents at their inauguration and at their deathAccordion
36Shoe sizeFill in the Blanks
37exam scores for 20 studentsAccordion
38Boats moored in a marinaAccordion
39symmetrical, skewedAccordion
40skewed 2Accordion
1 2 3 4 11