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41IQRMultiple Choice
42Earthquake deathsAccordion
43A market researcher polls every tenth person who walks into a store.Accordion
44The first 50 people who walk into a sporting event are polled on their television preferences.Accordion
45A computer generates 100 random numbers, and 100 people whose names correspond with the numbers on the list are chosen.Accordion
46List two reasons why the data may differ.Accordion
47Can you tell if one researcher is correct and the other one is incorrect? Why?Accordion
48Would you expect the data to be identical? Why or why not?Accordion
49Suggest at least two methods the researchers might use to gather random data.Accordion
50Suppose that the first researcher conducted his survey by randomly choosing one state in the nation and then randomly picking 40 patients frAccordion
51Suppose that the second researcher conducted his survey by choosing 40 patients he knAccordion
52A researcher is collecting data in a community.Accordion
53Find the percentage of heights that fall between 61.95 and 65.95 inches.Accordion
56test test test mathMultiple Choice
57test test test mathAccordion
59Probability 2Accordion
60Probability (conditional)Accordion
61Probability - cell phone while drivingAccordion
62Crimes for 100,000Accordion
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